Employment Practices Liability

Employee Relations can be difficult...

Life for employers gets more difficult every day because of actions taken by employees against them for a variety of reasons. It is so simple to encounter allegetions of discrimination, unfair dismissal and sexual or workplace harassment.

In March 2004, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) in their 2004 National Survey press release noted that "28 per cent of adult Australians stated that they have experienced sexual harassment, with two-thirds experiencing sexual harassment at the workplace."

As the labour force continues to decrease in size and becomes more highly educated and acutely aware of its rights, it is likely to be far more litigious. The result is likely to be a steady increase in employer-related type claims. An Employment Practices Liability (EPL) policy for liability insurance can assist employers reduce the business stress and cost exposure associated with such claims.

What protection will an EPL policy provide?

Losses covered in this liability insurance policy include the amount payable in respect of a claim against the employer, including damages, judgements, settlements, interests, costs, defence costs and any back-pay where reinstatement is ordered by a court.

Is it possible to take out an EPL policy as part of other liability insurance Policies?

Yes. EPL polices can be purchased on a stand-alone basis or

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