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In the event of any claim, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to assist you.

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General Information

Lodging an insurance claim with McKenzie Ross is simple. We aim to minimise any further stress to you, and assist you with the progression of your claim.

Firstly, ensure that you are safe and that the remainder of your property is not exposed to further loss or damage.

Notify the police in the event of burglary, theft, malicious damage or car accidents (where the damage to cars and property exceeds $500 or there is bodily injury to any person).

Advise us here at McKenzie Ross & Co. We will help you put together the information that the insurer is likely to require and we will pass it on to your insurer for you. If your insurer needs you to complete a claim form, we will forward this to you and can help you complete it.

Collate the claim documentation as soon as possibly following the event and while details of the circumstances are still clearly defined in your memory e.g. claim forms, letters of demand, medical certificates, repair and / or replacement quotes. The speedy preparation and presentation of claims documents enables a speedy settlement of the claim for you.

Do let us know if you have any problem with a claim or if the insurers are delaying settlement.

Sometimes, in the case of serious damage, the insurers will appoint a Loss Adjustor to inspect the damage and authorise repairs. Repairs to minor damage will usually be authorised upon receipt of the completed claim form and repair quotation.

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Liability Claims

Always record any incidents that could lead to a liability claim including the names and addresses of any witnesses. In the event of a claim against you by a third party:

  • Do not admit liability! (Your insurer will do this)
  • Ask the Third Party to submit the claim or complaint in writing.
  • Report any liability claims or potential liability claims to us as a matter of urgency. We will assist and provide you with a claim form to describe the event(s) and circumstances concerning the incident, then lodge it on your behalf with the Insurer.
  • Forward any letters of demand to us to be dealt with. Do not answer or acknowledge this type of correspondence without prior consultation. Provide us with copies of any other documents provided by the claimant and any documents that you hold that are relevant to the claim.

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Workers Compensation Cover

In most cases, these claims should be forwarded directly to the insurers. Please call us if you are unsure as to how to proceed.

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Motor Vehicle Policies

If your own vehicle is damaged, take it to the nearest repairer or place of safety. Advise us as soon as possible and we will assist with processing your claim immediately.

  • When an accident occurs and other vehicles are damaged, make sure you collect the following information:
  • Name and permanent address of other driver
  • Name and permanent address of owner
  • Description of vehicle
  • Regiiability.stration of vehicle
  • Name of insurance company their vehicle is insured with
  • Damage to vehicle(s)
  • Precise words of "admission of guilt" by other party, if applicable
  • Name and permanent address of all witnesses to the accident
  • Remember, DO NOT under any circumstances admit liability

You should not make or sign any statements except to complete the claim form, provide information requested by your insurers or as required by the policy or other authorities.

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Property Damage

Once your premises are secured and you have reduced or contained the loss, contact us as soon as possible. If the value of the loss is high, your insurer may require the property to be inspected, repaired or replaced. Alternatively, you may be able to have repairs done immediately and have your insurer take up the repair invoices or reimburse you for the cost. You should check your policy or contact us.

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Machinery Breakdown

Take whatever action is necessary to minimize interruption to your business. Retain any damaged parts of the machine as evidence of your loss.

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Fidelity Guarantee

If a claim is lodged in respect of a nominated employee, then, to the extent allowed by law, you should retain all salary, commission, moneys or assets the property of such employee which are or may come into your control. These may be able to be offset against the loss.

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Marine Cargo

Provide us with all supporting documentation that you have which may include:

  • Original policy or Certificate of Insurance
  • Original or copy of shipping invoices, shipping specification and / or weight notes
  • Original Bill of Lading and / or other contract of carriage
  • Delivery receipt which should have been marked with details of the loss or damage by the person accepting the goods
  • Survey report or other documentary evidence to show the extent of the loss
  • Any correspondence exchanged with the carriers and other parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage
  • Claims statement detailing reasons and peril under which claim is presented.

Original documents are invariably required because of the conditions usually printed on the reverse side.

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